Chirk Castle

1st March 2009 a trip to North Wales Chirk Castle and Erddig


Did not get up as early as planned. So shopping still needs to wait. Off to north wales just for a drive out. Chirk Castle was our firdt stop then onto Erddig. Took a few pics then started to get hungry. Seems all places in Wales close just as you want to eat. (3pm) so back to Manchester. Pub full then I remember FA cup Final. So all turned out well Beautiful wife, Football and food.

For more pics click on the link below. when the page opens (in a new browser) click Photo gallery (top right) and then preview (top right) This gives the best view. You can also download the pics.

Some more pics from Chirk and Erddig 


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First trip out for us (apart from Tescos !!) Day ended in the local pub (The Boundary Stone)watching United win the FA Cup and a nice meal.




















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