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Marriage Visa


Info on Marriage in Baku, Azerbajan

The conditions of the Visa are you live together as husband and wife, you have met and you have been in contact for some time. The docs below prove this. Her visa was issued in 12 days.

Documents we provided :-

UK citizen Docs

Copy of Driving Licence

Copy of Passport

Copy of All my Visas to prove we have met

Copy of Birth Certificate

Orignal Marriage certificate

Orignal Bank Statement (6 months)

Copy of house Margage Papers to prove I have house for us to live

Orignal P60 and 6 months Play advice notes

Emails from 2004 when we met to prove we have known each other some time.

3000 SMS To prove we are in contact.

6 Months phone bills to show I call her daily

Receipt for rings I bought her.

Papers to prove she will be looked after if I die. (pension papers) I hope we will not need these so fast. ;-(




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