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Getting Married


Getting married in Baku. UK citizen to Azerbajan Citizen.

Info on the Big Titted Woman will be given here soon. This is the woman you need to go see to arrange your marriage. We went 5 times in 1 week then I had to fly home. Ran out of time.

I returned and after a lot of messing about we were given what we needed. this woman is a nightmare !! I thought getting a Visa would have been the hard part but it turned out the Marriage Licence was.

Docs I suggest you provided :-

Your passport

A visa to state you will be in the country on the date of the marriage.

A letter from work to state how long you have been working there and job title (No idea why)

A letter from your doctor to say your healthy.

Birth Certificate.

Extra papers if you were married before

If you were married before, your divorce papers, your kids birth Certificates and a certificate of no impedement. (This you get from your local registry office and you have to wait 21 days for it.) 

Any divorce papers or no impediment papers have to be legalised in the UK. (www.fco.gov.uk/legalisation)  This can be done at the foreign office in Milton Keynes 27 per doc

All papers to be translated to Azerbajan This you can do in Azerbajan $40

We paid $500 in the end just to get it done !!! This was paid to the Woman in the office.

Marriage for a UK citizen out side the UK is dependent on the country you will marry in. Check with the embassy of the country you will marry in.



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